Re: FW: LC Comments: Web Method Feature

+1 to remove the undefined behaviour, as suggested by Stuart.

"Williams, Stuart" wrote:

> What I have proposed in [1] is that *if* the user (ie a piece software bound
> to the binding) does not recognise or use the Web Method feature when
> initiating a message exchange, that the HTTP method used be default to POST
> in the case of the Request-Response MEP or GET on the case of the
> SOAP-Response MEP. This is entirely in-line with the narrative in section
> 6.4.3 [3].   <snip/>
> As the HTTP binding is currently drafted, the behaviour of the binding is
> at-best undefined if the Web Method feature is not used (ie the
> webmeth:Method property is not set or not present in the initiating message
> exchange context). IMO it is legitimate for the webmeth:Method property to
> be absent or unset because we *do not* require that the user of a binding
> understands and uses ALL the features that a given binding provides... only
> those that it choose to use.

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