Re: Asynchronous Web Services!

 I believe SOAP 1.2 supports asynchronous messaging, or at least 
does not put any obstacles in its way. In fact, SOAP 1.1 was the 
same, just less explicitly and this might have been confusing.
 In WSDL, as a language for describing separate nodes/services, 
can be used to describe asynchronous endpoints using the oneway 
operations. The description of asynchronous interactions is 
out-of-scope for WSDL.
 For developers, it is not always easy or feasible to program an 
application in a completely asynchronous manner, i.e. as an 
event-driven application. I know some companies are pushing 
all-asynchronous approaches and other companies are pushing 
all-synchronous approaches to programming web services (whatever 
they might be), but I think a mixture is better.
 To summarize, I think SOAP and WSDL are OK for asynchronous 
services; and I don't think asynchronous web services are the 
sole future.
 Best regards,

                   Jacek Kopecky

                   Senior Architect, Systinet Corporation

On Sat, 6 Jul 2002, Naresh Agarwal wrote:

 > Hi
 > According to Gartner and other market reseatch agencies, the
 > future of web service lie in *Asynchronous Web Services* using
 > transport protocols like BEEP, SMTP etc.
 > SOAP1.1 and WSDL1.1 donot talk about the asynchrony anywhere.
 > Are these standards *complete* in terms of supporting
 > ASYNCHRONOUS web services?
 > If not, do SOAP1.2 and WSDL1.2 support asynchronous web services.
 > Any help would be greatly appreciated!
 > thanks,
 > regards,
 > Naresh Agarwal

Received on Sunday, 14 July 2002 15:59:03 UTC