LC Issue 210

In LC #210 [1] the statement:
Each SOAP header block element information item:

 * MAY have an encodingStyle attribute information item in its
   [attributes] property. 

directly contradicts the closed LC #209 [2]:

Section 5.1.1:
> The encodingStyle attribute SHOULD NOT appear on the SOAP
> Envelope [reference to 5.1], SOAP Body [reference to 5.3] or SOAP
> Header [reference to 5.2] element information items.
Not sure whether this should be a MUST because of the scoping rules for
encodingStyle ?

    The XMLP WG has decided to close issue 209 by changing the SHOULD
    to a MUST, in order to bring the text in agreement with the
    schema. It considers this issue is editorial in nature.



Received on Thursday, 11 July 2002 12:32:04 UTC