Re: FW: LC Comments: Web Method Feature

On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 11:13:27AM +0100, Marc Hadley wrote:
> Just to try to bring this back around to Stuart's (and my) original 
> problem with the current formulation. I don't think either of us 
> disagrees (Stuart, please jump in here if you do) that GET is an 
> application semantic, but at the moment the GETness of the operation is 
> duplicated in two places: the MEP in use and the value of the web method 
> feature (which has an implicit MEP). As it stands the MEP and value of 
> the web method feature can disagree and the spec is silent on what 
> happens if they do.
> My suggestion of refactoring the existing formulation to use MEPs and a 
> 'safe' feature in place of the web method feature was intended to remove 
> the duplication from the two whilst preserving the ability of the HTTP 
> binding to accurately model and make use of the web architecture.

Right, you said this earlier in this thread.  My response was that there
is no duplicate information; a MEP describes how messages are exchanged,
independant from the meaning of those messages.

Perhaps we can talk about that on this week's call.

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Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA.     

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