RE: xsi:type for multiref targets.

> I think I'd prefer to see a "soapenc:type" attribute with 
> similar semantics to xsi:type, except that it is limited to 
> validating the content, not the element and its content. This 
> seems simpler than creating wrappers.

Could be; it's just a trade-off, since you lose the built-in schema
validation by using a non-standard type attribute. I guess SOAP
processors can be taught to look for it, plus I know some of them don't
schema validate in automatic fashion anyway.

> On the other hand, 
> SOAP 1.1 created the type hierarchy you describe, but it's of 
> limited use in RPC encoding structures since you'd get naming 
> conflicts if two elements were of the same type.

I think a wrapper or your suggestion are much better either way, but
then I have some sympathies with the XSD-centric approach to typing all
this stuff, so I'm biased against another type system in general.

-- Scott

Received on Thursday, 28 February 2002 21:58:15 UTC