ETF: Proposed Resolution for Issue 184

Issue 184 [1]

SOAP Encoding schema [2] declares several elements whose type is a complex
type derived from XML legacy types:

(a) <xs:element name="NMTOKEN" type="tns:NMTOKEN" />
(b) <xs:element name="NMTOKENS" type="tns:NMTOKENS" />
(c) <xs:element name="ID" type="tns:ID" />
(d) <xs:element name="IDREF" type="tns:IDREF" />
(e) <xs:element name="ENTITY" type="tns:ENTITY" />
(f) <xs:element name="IDREFS" type="tns:IDREFS" />
(g) <xs:element name="ENTITIES" type="tns:ENTITIES" />
(h) <xs:attribute name="NOTATION" type="tns:NOTATION" /> (an attribute decl)

Per XML 1.0, all these types are attribute types [2]. XML Schema specifies
that [3], for compatibility these types should be used only on attributes.
But, SOAP specs do not specify any such health warning.

Proposed Resolution

- REMOVE Notation attribute declaration item. 'Cos Notation built-in type
cannot be deployed without specifying an enumeration [5]

- Add a health warning,

"The use of elements declarations whose types are ID, IDREF, IDREFS, ENTITY,
ENTITIES, NMTOKEN and NMTOKENS is discouraged by the XML Schema
specification because it goes beyond XML 1.0. Nevertheless, for the sake of
completeness, the SOAP Encoding schema provides element declarations using
these types"

[4] (and more)


Asir S Vedamuthu

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Received on Thursday, 21 February 2002 12:21:24 UTC