RE: Soap Message Canonicalization (SM-C14N)

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen writes:

>> >Suggestion:  "SOAP requires that 'header blocks be processed in
>> >a manner fully conformant with the specification for that block' [1].
>> >Such specifications MUST indicate (a) the situations, if any in which
>> >an intermediary is to 're-insert' a header block into a relayed
>> >SOAP message and (b) any constraints on the position within the
>> >relayed header at which the re-insertion is to occur."
>> >Editorial wordsmithing is required, but I think this is the
>> >right approach.
>> I tend to see this more as a guideline than a hard, testable
>> requirement.

I think it's a fairly hard requirement on the specification 
for a module that requires re-insertion. It's not machine
testable, necessarily, but one certainly can look at such
a specification ask:  "does it tell you whether to reinsert,
and if so where?".

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