ETF: Proposed Resolution for Issue #167

Issue 167 [1]

SOAP Encoding does not consider anonymous types as first class types. 'Cos,
it is not possible to compute enc:arrayType or xsi:type. If you recall, one
of the SOAP Encoding rules said that "SOAP arrays MUST contain a
enc:arrayType attribute whose value specifies the type of the contained
elements as well as the dimension(s) of the array", etc. .. for details,
please refer to [1].


This issue has two parts: (a) for anonymous types, it is not possible to
compute enc:arrayType and (b) it is not possible to compute xsi:type. Per
the specs, (a) was a must and (b) is optional.

(a) is overtaken by the wholesale changes that we adopted for encoding
arrays. Particularly, 'A SOAP Encoding array MAY contain an enc:itemType
attribute of type QName'. This is no longer an issue.

Proposed Resolution

For (b), we propose to issue a health warning. That is - it is not possible
to refer to schema types in xsi:type and enc:itemType if the schema types
are anonymous (aka, without names).



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Received on Tuesday, 12 February 2002 09:33:21 UTC