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> If I were to send it new code to do division instead of 
> multiplication that would be a PUT to update its state, I think, but 
> that's not the case that interests me.   I just want to send it numbers 
> and get back square roots.
The 'get square roots' says it all. Each and every square root is uniquely
identifiable in mathematics, as well as the Web.

> Anyway, to net it out, my concerns in this note are:
> 1) to point out that in many cases, it is the _service_ that is the web 
> resource when we're building web services.

A collection of functions as a 'web resource' sounds interesting -
expecially considering 'insert' and 'update' operations. The service
probably would allow inserting new functions, modifying functions, listing
(discovery) current functions, etc. Which you sort of alluded to in your
mail, and sounds like a wicked cool late-binding system. The 'functions'
each would be roots (no pun intended) of a web resource system - in the case
of 'square roots' one that exposes all the values of all square roots.
Another way of looking at the square roots function is that it 'transforms'
a symbolic representation into another more direct representation - the
state of the square root is its value, and you can ask for it in many ways
(different markup languages for example).


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