Re: [soapbuilders] Updated interop round 2 client results

On Fri, 8 Feb 2002 21:37:35 -0500 (EST), in soap you wrote:

>Thanks Simon,
>One more observation:
>jSOAP returns a "SOAP-ENC:base64Binary". I thought that only two forms are
>legal (wrt. xsd and SOAP-ENC): "xsd:base64Binary" and "SOAP-ENC:base64".
>Is this third form legal? I checked the SOAP schemas a while ago for our
>gSOAP implementation and I could only find "SOAP-ENC:base64" but not 
>- Robert

it depends :)

I believe that for the original SOAP 1.1 schemas, that was true, the
only options were SOAP-ENC:base64 and xsd:base64Binary. However the
SOAP 1.1 schema's have been updated, based on a draft of the 1.2
schemas, it does in fact appear that we now have a
SOAP-ENC:base64Binary type as well.

I have some serious concerns about having the schemas change, but the
spec not rev'd, given the number of semantic changes in the schemas.


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