RE: Issue with soap-rpc:result

Don Box writes:

>> However, section 5 certainly depended on xsi:type
>> and xsi:nil, the former of which placed a very
>> broad dependency on the XML Schema type system.

WRT xsi:type I read the SOAP 1.1 specification as saying:

* Schema validation is never required (though it's
  ambiguous on  whether you MUST in all cases
  check that integers contain only digits,
  for example.)

* Regardless of schema validation, you must always
  recognize the xsi:type construction and use it
  to establish the _names_ of the types for
  each node in the encoded graph.

* When the types referenced are the N built
  in simple types of schema part 2, you
  MUST also be aware of their definitions
  as integers, dates, etc.

* For any other named types, recognition
  of anything beyond the type name is
  optional.  The schema language, if
  any, used to drive validation of
  data with such types is unspecified,
  though W3C XML schema may
  be used.

With respect to typing, I don't see SOAP 1.1 as any more dependent on XML
schema than that.

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