RE: Issue 133, and permitting no body

Stuart Williams writes:

 >> If you then replace the human client with a 
>> program... it presumably needs to be endowed 
>> with some awareness of the signifcance of the 
>> resources it manipulates.

+1, exactly!  I think that's why GET can only "get" you so far in modeling 
the whole world.  If you've got a human to figure out details of the 
contract, you can (appear to) leave a lot of it unspecified.  To just tell 
machines to GET and PUT/POST each others properties, with no tighter 
contract than that isn't likely to work.  As you say, the humans browsing 
a web don't treat all gets as polymorphic.  A GET for a weather report URI 
is different than one for a stock quote.  The context is determined by 
what they know, buy the positioning of links on pages, and yes, even by 
knowing the contents of otherwise opaque URI's.  Things can't be opaque at 
every level, or they'd be useless.  The question is, which levels of the 
system can look in, and which can't. 

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