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> All,
> I want to raise an issue with the definition of the encodingStyle
> attribute in Section 4.1 of SOAP 1.2 Part 1 [1].
> The spec says that encoded message "SHOULD" indicate their encoding
> style using the encodingStyle attribute.
> It also says that if the encodingStyle attribute is set to "", no claims
> are made about the encoding style of an elements contents.
> The spec does not say how to interpret the absence of an encodingStyle
> attribute. However, given that encoded messages are not required to use
> the encodingStyle attribute, I believe the absence of the does not mean
> that the message is not encoded, but rather that it makes no claim about
> its encoding (eqivalent to encodingStyle="").
> Can you please clarify the definition of the phrase "makes no claims"?
> If a message does not include an encodingStyle attribute, does that mean
> that:
> a) the message is NOT encoded
> b) the message may or may not be encoded, it chose not to say
> c) something else
> Based on the current spec, I think the answer is b. This is problematic
> if a SOAP processor is trying to determine how to process a message.
> I'd like to see the spec revised so that:
> - messages whose content model is defined based on a set of encoding
> rules *MUST* indicate their encoding sytle using the encodingStyle
> attribute
> - elements without an explicitly stated encodingStyle have NO encoding
> style, i.e., their format is explicitly defined via XSD or some other
> mechanism (elements can turn off their parent's encoding style with
> encodingStyle="")
> Thanks,
> Tim-
> [1]

Received on Wednesday, 6 February 2002 11:48:57 UTC