RE: Issue 133, and permitting no body

Hi John,

> Returning to Stuart's thread, this line of reasoning says: "don't worry
> about the POST response, worry about how the client formed the message".
> Semantic ignorance is bliss on the client side: the less it knows the
> more we can accomplish.

Sounds like the basis of a good lawyer joke :-)

I guess this works if you think of a browser/UA as the client. If you think
of the human being as the client then semantics ignorance on the part of the
client might be problematic - he/she would have no idea what they have
accomplised... or committed to.

If you then replace the human client with a program... it presumably needs
to be endowed with some awareness of the signifcance of the resources it

>  If web service requires simultaneous upgrade
> (homogeneity and central admin), we have created a lot of 
> angle brackets for nothing.


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