Re: Reflective systems

> >>  What's also needed is a uniform means of 
> >> resolving an identifer.  Neither CORBA nor COM
> >> has that, but the Web has GET.
> I think this too is an oversimplification. In COM, all resource 
> identifiers are objects that implement the IMoniker interface.  Among the 
> principle purposes of that interface is to provide a uniform means of 
> resolving the identifier.  In COM terms, this is called "Binding", and it 
> results in an active (proxy to) the object being referenced.  That object 
> may have been running in the network all along, or may have been brought 
> to life from some persistent state, e.g. in a file.  I don't know whether 
> it's still true, but one of the first things that was done to make the Web 
> accessible to lots of COM tools was to create an URLMoniker 
> implementation, that would allow web resources to be activated by the 
> uniform resolution mechanisms that had been in COM all along.  Of course, 
> under the covers, this often led sooner or later to an HTTP get.

Interesting, thanks.  I attempted to express my ignorance of COM in the
first point, yet somehow failed to carry that over to the second point.

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