Re: DIME and SOAP in DIME specs submitted as IETF Internet Drafts


Thanks for the pointer and the good work.

Regarding SOAP/DIME, section 3.2.2, I am somewhat puzzled by your only
example, which turns out to be a... SOAP 1.1 example. Did I fail to parse
this message correctly?


Henrik Frystyk Nielsen wrote:

> For your information, a slightly revised DIME spec and a first SOAP in
> DIME spec has been submitted to the IETF as Internet Drafts. The specs
> should show up in the normal IETF drafts folder [1] in the next few
> days. However, you can also get them right now at the links below:
> DIME (available at [3])
>      Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME) is a lightweight,
>      binary message format that can be used to encapsulate one or more
>      application-defined payloads of arbitrary type and size into a
>      single message construct. Each payload is described by a type, a
>      length, and an optional identifier. Both URIs and MIME media type
>      constructs are supported as type identifiers. The payload length is
>      an integer indicating the number of octets of the payload. The
>      optional payload identifier is a URI enabling cross-referencing
>      between payloads. DIME payloads may include nested DIME messages or
>      chains of linked chunks of unknown length at the time the data is
>      generated. DIME is strictly a message format: it provides no
>      concept of a connection or of a logical circuit, nor does it
>      address head-of-line problems.
> Encapsulating SOAP in DIME (available at [4])
>      This document defines the rules for encapsulating SOAP messages
>      within Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME). DIME provides
>      a lightweight mechanism for encapsulating compound documents that
>      can be used to encapsulate a SOAP message and entities related to
>      the SOAP message such as attachments.
> Discussion of these specs happen on the public DIME mailing list [2]
> (archives are at [5]). I BCC'ed xml-dist-app and soapbuilders as this
> might be of interest - I apologize for the cross-posting!
> Have fun - comments welcome!
> Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> 0.txt
> [5]

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