Re: Issue 133: SOAP and The Web Architecture

* Mark Baker <> [2002-01-31 16:24-0500]
> Stuart, TBTF,
> > So, at this time the proposal from the TBTF to close Issue 133 is that the
> > binding we offer in SOAP 1.2 continue to use the HTTP POST method in the
> > manner established in SOAP 1.1 and to note that our binding framework makes
> > it is possible to define additional HTTP bindings.
> I don't believe that addresses the issue.
> IMO, a simple way to address this issue would be to say that the HTTP
> binding that we have defined can be used in a manner that preserves POST
> semantics, but that it's up to the developer to use it that way - the
> same way it's up to them to use it without SOAP in the picture.

I agree that some guidelines about the use of the binding should be
included, and also possibly something about using SOAP in a context
without side-effects.



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