Re: Positions on issue 19

>>  a SOAP processor will
>> operate on the XML infoset

I agree that it should.  I don't think SOAP V1.1 says this in general. 
Suggestion:  let's make this a change or clarification in XMLP:   "SOAP 
message formats are defined as XML Infosets.   Although many bindings, 
such as the HTTP binding provided herein, will use the serialized form of 
XML provided by the XML 1.0 Recommendations as augmented by the Namespaces 
recommendation, other bindings can adopt other serializations. " 

This is a significant change but in call respects backwards compatible 
change to SOAP.  , We have just encountered one of the many reasons why I 
believe this change to be important (I.e.  Infoset tends to help you get 
the relationship between "prefixed" and "qualified" right.) 

I would strongly encourage those who have not to read the latest infoset 
draft [1], and if possible to understand that ways the recommendations 
such as XML schema [2] are also based on Infoset as opposed to XML itself. 
   (In schema, both the document to be validated and the schema document 
used for the validation are defined as infosets, not as character streams 
with "<...>".  Of course, for any document in "<....>" there is a 
corresponding infoset.)

Infoset served us very well for schema.  I think it is also the right way 
to define XMLP messages.


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Received on Tuesday, 29 May 2001 10:17:35 UTC