Re: An analysis of mustUnderstand and related issues

As most of you on dist-app know, a couple of weeks ago I prepared a
detailed clarification of parts of the SOAP V1.1 specification. It focussed
on addressing of header entries, message paths, message patterns,
mustUnderstand, and so on.  Also included was a tentative proposal for
additional functions to ensure that appropriate faults are generated in the
case where a mustUnderstand header entry fails to reach the intended actor.
The original posting is at [1].

Unfortunately, that version had a serious error relating to syntax.
Attached is an updated version that corrects the error, and includes a few
bits and pieces gleaned from the ensuing discussion.  If you are already
familiar with the original, there is probably no need to reread this one.
If you have not seen the original, then the attached files are the ones to

I am also copying this note to the soapbuilders mailing list.  I think it
is very important that those of us responsible for the specification reach
closure on the clarifications with those who are actually implementing SOAP
systems.  If you are on soapbuilders and did not read [1], I encourage you
to look over the attached improved versions.  If you have any comments or
responses please send them to, not to soapbuilders.
Let's try to avoid discussing the same design issues in two places.  Also,
I suggest that before posting responses you follow the message thread
starting at [1];  it's possible that your concerns have already been

Note that the content of the attached .html and .pdf files should be
identical.  Thank you.


(See attached file: mustUnderstand.pdf)(See attached file:

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