Re: SOAP and the Web architecture

Rich Salz wrote:
> Modulo Larry's note about "don't rehash; send links", I really do not
> understand the objection:
> > The gist of the problem is that the current HTTP binding uses HTTP POST
> > requests.
> IS there a fundamental difference between sending a soap message and
> sending form data?  If so, what is it?

One difference is that when I build an HTML form I have a choice of GET
or POST. Google uses GET. Babelfish uses POST. In fact I believe that
GET is the default.

Will SOAP allow me to choose? Also, I'd really appreciate it if SOAP
would allow me to choose how much or how little to put in the URL-line
instead of in the message body. But that implies a tighter binding
between SOAP and HTTP than just using HTTP as a more or less invisible
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