Re: POST abuse?

On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, Mark Nottingham wrote:

> > Note that, a POST reply can contain a Cache-Control header and then imply
> > a certain level of idempotence. The first POST will have a side-effect but
> > any subsequent POST with the same parameters won't. Of course you have the
> > possibility to cache the result as a bonus of this idempotence property.
> True. However, I don't know of any product that takes advantage of
> this, as it's considered impractical. (Curious - does Jigsaw?)

The caching module needs reworking, so I chose the lazy option of POST ->
not cacheable, however it is in the todo list, mainly for QA reason
because I don't know any POST reply using Cache-Control information (and
I don't know any use of 303 instead in HTTP test suites).

> > Usually jsp engines are single servlets, and the URI of the jsp is
> > passed as an argument to this servlet. You have then a 1-to-1 jsp-URI
> > mapping, same as what can be done for a SOAP engine to respect this.
> Yep. Or, just use query arguments.

Yes, but in that case you add a meaning to a particular URI, which is far
better than using query argument for a black box on one URI. More
REST-friendly :)

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