Re: discarding incorrect namespaces

* Mark Nottingham <> [2001-08-17 14:14-0700]
> Section 3 states;
> "[A SOAP Application] MUST discard messages that have incorrect
> namespaces"

From a processing point of view, the message is discarded (i.e. not

> Shouldn't this say that it MUST generate a Fault?

It's interesting, because the current the current text[1] refers to
the section of SOAP faults as a reference to "discard":

  It MUST discard messages that have incorrect namespace information
  (see 4.4 SOAP Fault)

Maybe the spec should say:

  It MUST not process messages that have incorrect namespace
  information (see 4.1.2 Envelope Versioning Model).

> Also, 'unsupported' seems more appropriate than 'incorrect'. Same
> language in 4.4.1.

'incorrect' looks good to me: in the context of the SOAP Version 1.2
specification, only one namespace URI is recognized and considered
correct for the envelope (<> as
currently in the draft).

> Finally, considering our versioning model, does it make sense to
> upgrade
> "A SOAP application SHOULD include the proper SOAP namespace on all
> elements and attributes defined by SOAP in messages that it
> generates."
> to MUST, and strike
> "... MAY process SOAP messages without SOAP namespaces as though they had
> the correct SOAP namespaces."
> This is in the context of all SOAP namespaces, not just the envelope,
> but it seems prudent to clarify in some fashion.

I agree with you, but I seem to remember some earlier discussion
during which we decided to allow this; I can't remember when and why
though, so it might just be the fruit of my imagination.

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