Re: RPC issue: multiple body blocks

I don't think the spec say anything about this, but, what about people
using Headers for RPC?  I'm assuming that this is perfectly legal so
all of this talk about sec 7 RPC not allowing boxcarring would not
change whether or not a single SOAP message can contain several
headers where each one is in fact an RPC call, right?

Mark Nottingham <> on 08/17/2001 05:02:44 PM

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Subject:  RPC issue: multiple body blocks

Reading section 7.1, it's hinted that RPC messages are modeled as a
single struct in the message (note the use of 'single').

However, I don't see anything explicitly prohibiting multiple body
blocks in a RPC message.

While common sense dictates that RPC with multiple body blocks isn't
too useful, SOAP does allow them in the definition of a body, and RPC
doesn't give any solid guidance.

I'd be more comfortable if we ruled out more than one
child of the body when the RPC convention is in use, except when a
Fault is present, of course.


Mark Nottingham

Received on Saturday, 18 August 2001 11:29:30 UTC