Canonical representation of boolean attributes


concerning the root attribute proposal and also the mustUnderstand
reformulation issue I discovered that we're currently using Boolean's lexical
representation within the SOAP v1.2 editor's copy. The lexical representation
of bool is either 0, 1 or true, false.

Since XSD recommends the usage of the _canonical representation_ (which is
"true" or "false") wherever possible I suggest the usage of "true" instead of
"1" and "false" instead of "0" wherever we're talking about instances of
boolean attributes or elements. Currently affected are sections 2.4, 2.5, and
5.6 of the SOAP document.

Technically it makes nearly no difference, but since XSD defines an isomorphic
one-to-one mapping of the canonical representation and the underlying type I
think it would be the better decision to do it that way.

The changes are quite simple, actually they could be applied using
search-and-replace ;) But if the WG decides so I could offer reformulation


Received on Wednesday, 15 August 2001 08:34:49 UTC