RPCTF: Supplementary Quesstion/Issue on Issue 16 (void returns)

I haven't been tracking the RPC discussion closely and this may be a
non-problem. However, at thought/question was prompted by the wording in one
of Jacek recent postings (can't reference the archive at the moment).

 j) RPC chapter says (roughly): "The first or otherwise specified
element inside the Body is the RPC element. The RPC element
contains child elements whose names match the names of the
arguments of the procedure (the first element in the response
being the return value, if the procedure has a return value). Each
argument element's child nodes (including the attributes) is
determined by the serialization of the value of the appropriate

Issue 16 seems to be considering the representation of void returns in the
absense of [out] and/or [inout] parameters. 

The question that Jacek's "...if the procedure has a return value..."
wording prompted was, how are void returns represented in the *presense* of
[out] and/or [inout] parameters eg. for void MyProc(p1Type *p1). Possible
body child element responses might be:




or something else?

A brief exchange with Jacek suggests that this question has not been address



Received on Thursday, 9 August 2001 06:25:51 UTC