Description: Recently many companies see advantages in using XML to
represent data for web-based information exchanges, such as in
Business-to-Business (B2B) communications.  Strategies to address this
are evolving, expoliting different technologies such as SOAP; however, the 
problem specification and protocol requirements need to be clarified by the 
IETF community before solutions are considered. This BOF discusses the problem 
space for B2B XML communications in order to determine the problem area
requirements.  We will examine existing B2B approaches to ensure that
the problem space is well defined.

Our goal will result in a charter to formulate suitable requirements
for this space and potentially endorce solutions that support these

Agenda: The main objective of the agenda is to detail the problem space 
requirements for application level communication strategies using
XML encoded data. The Agenda items are:

a. Problem Space Examples - examples such as order-requests and 
	directory updates. Examples will point out the expected usage
	characteristics of this protocol and greatly assist in
	formulating the problem requirements.
b. Problem Scope description - discussion of the problem space in general.
c. HTTP and firewall issues - the web uses HTTP; it is widely prevalent and is
	generally used to penetrate firewalls. Is this the correct transport 
	to get through firewalls; are there other transport issues that
        need consideration?
d. Protocol options - what protocol characteristics are suitable for
	the situations to be addressed. RPC may be best to endorse
	the operations paradigm or possibly a messaging strategy might be
e. Characteristics of the solution: Enumerating attributes that will probably
	be scooped out in any requirement document: Platforms, performance,
	codeside, adminstation/updates, bandwidth, packet size, security,
	handling failed message delivery, etc. Note these characteristics
	point out security issues and administration/maintenance
f. Strategies for addressing this problem space. Review how
	solution strategies such as SOAP and other approaches
	address the issues enumerated in this problem space.
g. Charter discussion and project milestones.
h. Open mike.
Full Name: Business to Business XML Data Communication Strategies

Chair: Michael W. Condry

Acronym: b2bxml

Received on Thursday, 2 March 2000 15:45:47 UTC