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Re: Is this stuff ready for prime time?

From: Dave Pawson <dave.pawson@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 10:40:30 +0000
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To: "Howard, Chris" <HowardC@prpa.org>
Cc: www-xsl-fo@w3.org

On 02/03/07, Howard, Chris <HowardC@prpa.org> wrote:

> I am a database and systems administrator at a small public utility
> company.  We print and mail out bills to customers every month.

> The future holds an upgrade to this software package and I will
> need to rework some of the bill printing process.
> I'm considering the idea investing some effort into making
> this all work with XSLT/XSL-FO.  I would convert the flat file into
> XML, then use XSLT to do my logic and XSL-FO to do the printing... I
> think.

Yes. If you generate pcl you can hack XML.

Then when one of your customers says 'can I have mine in braille,
or 16 point, you can say yes instead of paying big bucks to specialist houses.

> I can't afford to spend either months in training or hundreds of
> thousands
> of dollars in new software.
The training is a good investment - either choose carefully your trainer
or DIY.

> What I would like to know is,  are the current crop of free tools
> (apache FOP and others) ready for this kind of operation?
You get what you pay for.
If you want / need compliance go buy a professional tool.

> Are they speedy enough to get my bills formatted and printed every
> night?
That's your printer, not the formatter. I doubt that will be a problem.

> I'm reading "Beginning XSLT" by Tennison.  What else should I be doing?

Go pick an xsl-fo book. Mine's on O'Reilly. Amazon has others.
Then start and generate some PDF.
You'll find out your limitations and the tools and the standards.
By the sounds of it none will let you down.


Dave Pawson
Received on Saturday, 3 March 2007 10:40:50 UTC

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