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Apache FOP 0.93 Released

From: Simon Pepping <spepping@leverkruid.eu>
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 21:20:46 +0100
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The Apache FOP team is proud to announce the release of Apache FOP
version 0.93.

The new codebase for FOP was started several years ago in order to
achieve better compliance with the XSL-FO spec. After three alpha and
beta releases, the new codebase has now reached production
quality. Therefore we present version 0.93 as the successor of version
0.20.5, FOP's production grade version during the past years.

* FOP 0.93 contains the new API first introduced in release 0.92
  beta. The preceding API has been removed.
* FOP 0.93 again contains many bug fixes and new features. See
  below for details.


FOP 0.93 implements the XSL 1.0 and 1.1 recommendations to a high
degree of compliance. See the compliance page
http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/compliance.html for a detailed

Known issues

The known issues of FOP 0.93 are listed at


You will experience different behaviour compared to version
0.20.5. Please consult the "Upgrading" page
(http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/stable/upgrading.html) for

Major Changes in Version 0.93

* Added support for the use of Open Type fonts.
* Support for the rgb-icc() function and for a proprietary cmyk()
  function (for device CMYK colors only through the PDF renderer so
* Enabled Copy/Paste from PDF content in Acrobat Reader for
  text using embedded TrueType fonts.
* Added support for PDF/A-1b and PDF/X-3:2003. (Note: this may still
  be a bit incomplete.)
* The Java2DRenderer (and therefore the print and bitmap renderers) is
  now offering the same quality as the PDF and PS renderers.
* Automatic support for all fonts available to the Java2D subsystem
  for all Java2D-descendant renderers (TIFF, PNG, print, AWT).

The long list of changes in this release is available at

The long list of changes in this and earlier releases is available at

The Apache FOP team asks you for your continued feedback on the
software.  We're also interested in success stories with the new
release. So if the latest version works fine for you, please tell us!
And if it doesn't, you may tell us as well, of course. ;-)

Release notes for older FOP versions can be found on:

For the FOP team,
Simon Pepping

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