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RE: New to XSL-FO(need suggestion regarding formatters)

From: MARTIN Brice (DSIT-EX) <brice.martin@sncf.fr>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 09:29:40 +0100
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I don't know if your XML use DocBook (www.docbook.org) to describe their
content, but you can check this website to see how to convert XML files to
PDF files. The thing you have to know is the most easy way to do this is to
generate a FO file from the XML using XSL sheets, and then generate the PDF
file from the FO using a FO render (FOP, XEP...). If you need inspiration to
write your XSLT, just check the DocBook [Wiki] website (even if your XML
don't respect DocBook). Check http://www.w3.org/TR/xsl/ for FO specs.

If you want to use .NET to do the PDF generation from your XML/XSL files,
you can use the System.Xml.XmlDocument to load your XML document, and then
System.Xml.Xsl.XslTransform to load the XSL sheets and apply them to your
XML document:


You'll obtain a FO file. Then do an external call to a FO render to generate
the final PDF from the FO.

Another way is to use an FO renderer embedded version but I don't know
anything about this (I only know RenderX is planning a .NET version of XEP).

Ok to sum up (because my English is bad and confusing ^^):
- write your XSL sheets to transform your XML into XSLFo
- use .NET XmlDocument and XslTransform to apply those sheets to your XML,
you should obtain a valid XSLFo file
- call an external (or embedded) FO render to generate the PDF from the FO

Hope that could help a little :)

INSA Lyon | brice(dot)martin(at)insa-lyon(dot)fr
DSIT SNCF | brice(dot)martin(at)sncf(dot)fr

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De : Reddygari, Swapna [mailto:ReddygariS@state.gov]
Envoy : jeudi 11 mars 2004 17:35
 : 'www-xsl-fo@w3.org'
Objet : New to XSL-FO(need suggestion regarding formatters)

    We are developing a new project where i need to generate a pdf file from
the xml file. Am having xml file and xsl, i have to find a way to convert
that xml and xsl to pdf.
    My main consern is i should have an oppurchuinte where i can convert
from xml stream to pdf stream or xml file to pdf file. And we are planning
to develop using .NET.

      There are many formatter that are available in the market. But as am
new am not having any idea which one to use. 
         Which formatter do you suggest us to use for this thing. Which
formatter is having more functionalities? Pls help us.

Swapna Reddygari
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