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AW: AW: how to transform my width in cm. to pdf?

From: sudha. <sudha.raver-veettil@einsurance.de>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 14:43:34 +0100
To: "David Carlisle" <davidc@nag.co.uk>
Cc: <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>
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thanks david, hmm my acrobat had the "fit to page" option checked!
now guess what, all my alignments and stuffs are out of the page boarders,
but I belive thats the way it shold be and I gotta
rework on the pages and design for the good looks.

thanks once again. abd I might get back with my questions later,

regards sudha

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Von: David Carlisle [mailto:davidc@nag.co.uk]
Gesendet: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 1:21 PM
An: sudha.raver-veettil@einsurance.de
Cc: www-xsl-fo@w3.org
Betreff: Re: AW: how to transform my width in cm. to pdf?

as I say, you need to check that acrobat didn't scale on printing,
the exact option depends a bit on the version of acrobat but make sure
any option in the print options menu such as "fit to page" or
"Expand small pages to paper size" is _not_ checked. If they are checked
then acopbat will scale the document and all your explict measurements
are gone.

Of course this assumes that the FO you have produced does have all the
correct widths specified with the correct properties. Note that there
are a lot of constraints on tables, if you are specifying total table
widths and also coulumn widths you need to make sure that everything
fits. You may want to specify table-layout="fixed" to give you more
direct control.


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