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RTF2FO 3.3.3 RTF to XML converter release announce

From: Alexander A.Pakhutin <pakhutin_a@mail.ru>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 05:43:59 +0300
To: "www-xsl-fo@w3.org" <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>
Message-Id: <E1AqkM3-0009Ye-00.pakhutin_a-mail-ru@f9.mail.ru>

Novosoft Inc., is pleased to announce the new 3.3.3 version of RTF2FO converter.

RTF2FO 3.3.3 enhances and streamlines process of converting RTF documents to XML ones in line with the W3C specifications for XSL FO formatting semantics. 

Next features are implemented and bugs are fixed:
- Add user-defined overriding feature for RTF2FO conversion models;
- Implement the  separate-inlines  conversion mode;
- Extended support for RTF Specification 1.7 (process 15 row shading commands);
- Extended track changes support (revised text is marked with red color);
- Parse all compatibility options for RTF Specification 1.7;
- The  brdrnone  command is always interpreted as no-border;
- Bug with empty field instructions fixed.
- Renaming of compatibility options with Antenna House XSL Formatter from ahxf to axf;
- Possibility of hiding of useless compatibility models is added;
- In compatibility with FOP, continuous section breaks are now interpreted using the base solution;
- The compatibility with XEP 3.2 is added;
- Multicolumn layout footnotes are spanned to the whole width of page as recommended in XSL FO Specification 1.0;
- The compatibility with FOP-0.20.5 is added (the last right tab is converted using last-line-end-indent attribute);
- Word-only underlining is implemented (but well-known renderers do not understand it yet);
- Processing of leading spaces in paragraphs is improved (we change them to no-breaking spaces to avoid their collapsing);
- Partial support of RTF 1.7 Specification (convert table borders of the new style);
- Bug with interpreting of zero-width cells with horizontal spans in tables fixed;
- Picture plug-ins occasionally deactivated in version 3.2 work again. 

The new version is available for evaluation at http://www.rtf2fo.com/download.html

For further information please visit the RTF2FO website at http://www.rtf2fo.com

About RTF2FO (http://www.rtf2fo.com):
Using special rules of transformation of RTF formatting elements to FO ones, RTF2FO composes well-formed XML documents or pairs XSL & XML in line with XSL FO specification. This transformation preserves internal structure and appearance of the initial documents as much as it is possible.
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