Re: add a text block at 3rd page of a sequence


Your example is not straight forward, because it did require a couple
of things that are not obvious initially, but once you see them working
together are - in hindsight - the way to go.

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I bought a copy of Ken's book "Definitive XSL" that I find
is really useful for this stuff.
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Also - the examples on the renderx and FOP sites are useful.


--Original Message--:
>Ken & David,
> > Determine in which region you want your special content on page 3. 
> > that the simple-page-master for "chap01_PAGE3" has a *different* region
> > name for that region than you use for that region in the 
> > for "chap01".  In your <page-sequence> define the static content for 
> > specially named region that only appears in the "chap01_PAGE3" geometry.
>Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i had no idea that i could define my own flow-names. 
>I thought those 5 regions have their predefined names (xsl-region-before 
>etc) and i didn't think that it was possible to create new names!
>Thank you, this has solved my whole problem. You've made my day :) It 
>took me 5 minutes to place graphics over my whole document!
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