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Re: last page and first page at the same time

From: Milenko Milanovic <MIlenko_Milanovic@asucon.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 11:48:11 -0700
Message-ID: <79D4E4AC3F95D7118DF600C00D002F6E6E41@frisco.asucon.com>
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I have the same problem as Patrick Gilhuijs used to have. 
I want the last page footer to be different from footers on all other pages.

If there is only one page, then the last page footer should be displayed.

I have already tried (what was an answer to Patrick's question) 

<page-sequence-master master-name="frame-pages"> 
  <repeatable-page-master-alternatives maximum-repeats="1"> 
	<conditional-page-master-reference page-position="last"
	<conditional-page-master-reference page-position="first"

	<conditional-page-master-reference page-position="last"
	<conditional-page-master-reference page-position="rest"

but it seems that I did not succeed to properly set other fo elements like:
a) fo:simple-page-master sections for neither of A, B, and C pages 
b) corresponding footers in  <fo:page-sequence
master-reference="frame-pages"> section.

I am not sure if this is too much to ask but could you provide us with the
complete code example.

Also, I use apache-fop 0.20.5. 

Milenko Milanovic

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