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Create your own music cd @ hamaracd.com

From: HamaraCD <newsletter@hamaracd.com>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 05:22:13 +0500
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Log on to hamaracd.com and create your own CD
Dear Friend,
There's some great news for Indian music lovers. For the first time in India you can experience a truly futuristic concept that rewrites the rules of how music should be bought and enjoyed! Log on to hamaracd.com and discover the pleasure of creating your Most Wanted collection with a click of the mouse. 
Warm Regards,

Prem Pradeep
CEO, HamaraCD.com 	C h o o s e

y o u r

f a v o u r i t e

s o n g s		Select from HMV's rich repertoire of Indian music, ranging from latest hits to evergreen classics. Just mix and match your favorites from Carnatic, Hindustani, new and old Hindi films, Regional films, Ghazals and more.								Now you have the unique opportunity of having your own photograph on the CD cover or just choose from our range. You can even pen your personal message and add your own title.				C r e a t e

y o u r

o w n

C D C o v e r											M a x i m u m

v a l u e

f o r m o n e y		All this for just Rs. 375 per CD! just pay by cheque or credit card online. And your tailormade CD that you design will be delivered at your doorstep at no extra cost!							Important: We hope you found this mail useful.
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