26 October 2000 WD Comments

A readability improvement suggestion: I think that section 4 (Syntax)
should either be placed ahead of Section 3 (Processing Model), or
(preferably, IMHO) links should be created from syntax references to
their definitions.  For example, in Section 3.2, 'parse="xml"' should
be linked to that attribute's syntax description.

My 2 cents about XInclude-31-which-namespace and
XInclude-71-versioning: Since XInclude is not part of the XML
specification proper, it should not be made part of the namespace XML
Names appears to associate with XML itself.  Given this assumption,
and the fact that no other namespace of which I am aware is ready to
take on XInclude, XInclude should have its own namespace.  Once it has
its own namespace, versioning info should be included in instance docs
using it.  I assume that this issue is brought up because XML 2.0 (or
something like it) may include XInclude.  Why then, one might ask,
should XInclude have its own namespace and versioning?  Because, one
might rejoin, XML 2.0 is years away, and uses of XInclude might
require changes before it arrives.  One last argument: I believe that
the only currently sanctioned addition to the xml: namespace beyond
XML 1.0 is an attribute (xml:base); since XInclude has abondoned
attribute syntax, addition of XInclude to the xml: namespace would set
a new precedent, rather than follow some established practice.

A couple of typos:

- TOC:3.2.4:s/Cmment/Comment/
- 3.2.3:Definition[3]:s/selected selected/selected/
- 3.2.4:Heading:s/Cmment/Comment/
- 3.2.4:sentence[last]:s/acquiring infoset/acquired infoset/
- 3.3:bullet[1]:Emboldificate "entity start marker information item"
- 3.4:paragraph[3]:s/Iintra-document/Intra-document/
- 4:parse:Suggested resolution:s/"parse"/"xml"/
- 4:DTD fragment:s/<!ELEMENT include/<!ELEMENT xinclude:include/
- C.2:
  href="source.xml#xpointer(string-range(chapter/p[1],'Sentence 2')
  to string-range(chapter/p[2]/i,'3.',0,11))"/>

 should instead be (s: to (.+)$:/range-to($1): AND s/0,11/1,11/):

  href="source.xml#xpointer(string-range(chapter/p[1],'Sentence 2')

Hope it helps,
Steve Rowe
MNIS-TextWise Labs

Received on Friday, 22 December 2000 18:54:50 UTC