Re: Associating style sheets with XHTML documents via processing instruction?

* Christian Wolfgang Hujer wrote:
>I request that future documents describing XHTML clearly state wether
>conformant XHTML user agents must, may or must not interpret the
>xml-stylesheet processing instruction.

I disagree. It should be defined how the link element and the
xml-stylesheet processing instruction interact. I'd say the
xml-stylesheet processing instruction doesn't apply to XHTML documents
and authors should not use it, at least for XHTML prior to version 2.0.

The xml-stylesheet processing instruction would only apply, if the
document is parsed as generic XML and the user agent doesn't know
anything about XHTML. XHTML user agent conformance must not deal with
user agents, that don't support XHTML, since conformance requirements
won't apply to that user agent.
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Received on Sunday, 9 September 2001 15:58:22 UTC