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[Bug 6382] Substitution group and "block"

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--- Comment #4 from David Ezell <David_E3@VERIFONE.com>  2009-01-19 15:38:37 ---
Sandy suggests -- 

Update 3.4.1 where {prohibited substitutions} is discussed to say it's *always*
used when checking complex type derivation. (We have to update this section, as
the current description doesn't agree with the actual usage.)

Then add the priority feedback there:

*** Begin ***

Editorial Note: Priority Feedback Request

In version 1.0 of this specification, {prohibited substitutions} of a complex
type is only used when type substitution (xsi:type) or element substitution
(substitution groups) appear in the instance document. It has been changed to
take effect whenever complex type derivation is checked, including cases beyond
type and element substitutions in instance documents. In particular, it affects
clause 4 of "Element Declaration Properties Correct" (, clause 2.1 of
"Conditional Type Substitutable in Restriction" (, clause 1.6 of
"Derivation Valid (Extension)" (, clause 4 of "Derivation Valid
(Restriction, Complex)" (, and clause 4.5 of "Content Type Restricts
(Complex Content)" ( Because of the consideration of {prohibited
substitutions}, existing schemas may be rendered invalid by the above rules.
The XML Schema Working Group solicits input from implementors and users of this
specification as to whether this change is desirable and acceptable.

*** End ***

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