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Some small errors in XML Schema Part 1: Structures

From: by way of <lawrence.jones@bea.com>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 20:06:11 -0700
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Hi guys

Just a few small errors I noticed as I was reading through. Let me know if 
I misunderstood anything.

Section 3.4.2 under "Complex Type Definition with simple content" there's a 
numbering typo under the Representation for Property {attribute wildcard} - 
after the definition of base wildcard the 2.1 section is repeated.

In the same section, first example under "Complex Type Definition with 
complex content", the types length2 and length3 are defined with size 
elements whose type is, respectively, two different versions of 
nonPositiveInteger but the example element you use has a positive integer 
as it's value - I believe you meant nonNegativeInteger.

In the second example just below the one above you do not define the type 
of <title>, <forename>, <surname> or <generation>. I believe this means 
they will default to anyType which would allow much more than I think is 
intended. Did you mean to restrict the type to xs:string?

In Section 3.9.6 under "Schema Component Constraint: Particle Correct" it 
says {max occurs} must be >= 1. But several times throughout the document 
you refer to {min occurs} = {max occurs} = 0 ?

In Section 3.10.6 under "Schema Component Constraint: Attrbute Wildcard 
Union" step 4 says the "intersection is not expressible". But we're under 
the section about unions rather than intersections, and I think the union 
is expressible as "any".


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