RE: [xml-dev] Who can implement W3C XML Schema ?

At 07:28 AM 3/21/2002 -0800, Dare Obasanjo wrote:

>PS: It is interesting that although multiple contributors to this email 
>thread on XML-DEV mention their satisfaction with Microsoft XML schema 
>processors you ignore them and mention Xerces [which in fact was 
>complained about] and MSV[which was mentioned as being the only other 
>parser that may have APIs as good as the Microsoft APIs by the particular 
>person who mentioned it].

My apologies, I quite simply wrote the wrong name, I was working too 
quickly. The two that were mentioned were Xerces and the Microsoft parser, 
not MSV.

Why aren't the test results for the Microsoft XML schema parsers published 
on the W3C test suite pages?


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