RE: float/double: Why no totalDigits or fractionDigits

The float and double datatypes follow the IEEE 754 definitions which do
allow format restrictions based on the number of digits.  However, you
can create a subtype, using a pattern, to restrict the lexical format in
the manner you wish.

Decimal is widely supported and should be interoperable.

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Subject: float/double: Why no totalDigits or fractionDigits

In XML Schema: Part 2: I noticed that decimal type has the same facets
as float and double but also has two others: totalDigits and
fractionDigits. These seem very useful especially when creating a simple
type for holding currency values (I want it to have 2 decimal points and
not more).  Why are these facets (totalDigits and fractionDigits) not a
part of the float and double built-in type?

Also, are their problems using decimal instead of float or double. Is it
less likely to be properly supported; is it portable?

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