Re: Restricting substitution groups?

Eric van der Vlist <> writes:

> As mentioned by Jeni and Noah in their answers, it would be nice to
> get a definitive answer and you are probably the only one who can give
> it :) !
> Untill we get such an answer, my position is that since the result of
> this restriction relies on something (the order of elements in a
> substitution group) which is undefined, restriction of substitution
> groups are themselves undefined and should be avoided as source of
> potential interroperability issues.


> >>Does that mean that we can restrict substitution groups?


The REC is underspecified in the area of the order of the implicit
choice represented by a substitution group head.  I think an erratum
is in order, as Martin Gudgin suggested, clarifying that in this case
the order constraint doesn't apply.

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