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Re: Default values...

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Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 22:25:01 -0500
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If the type of the element is a simple type with an enumeration, one can 
imagine building an editor that would key on the type definition to 
populate a list of legal values.  I don't know whether anyone has built 
such an editor,  but I believe it is possible in principle. 

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        Subject:        Default values...

I know that we can  have one dafault specified for any element in the XML 
file using DTD or  XML-schema. But can we specify a set of default values 
to one element.So that  when I open a an XML file in browser and that 
element is specified empty in  the XML file. But there are set of default 
values specifed in DTD or XML  -schemas, then those set of values should 
be displayed...
My Question is can  we give a set of default values?
Mahesh  Chaudhari
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