Re: Part 2: problems with 'pattern' spec

Hi Ross,

     In [3], you wrote:

I found two problems, I think, with the specification of the pattern

1) The type of the 'value' attribute of pattern is 'anySimpleType.' [1]
   Should it not be 'string'?

2) The definition of 'atom' in the BNF for regular expressions [2]

        atom ::= Char | charClass | ( '(' regExp ')' )

   'Char' says

        Char ::= [^.\?*+()|#x5B#x5D]

    Since '()' is included in 'Char', the status of these characters
    is, strictly speaking, ambiguous w.r.t. parsing an atom.

- Roß



     Regarding your second point, the caret (^) at the beginning of the 
regular expression that defines "Char" indicates that that's a 
"negCharGroup", which means roughly "match anything except these 
characters."  So parentheses are actually excluded from Char, and I 
believe there's no ambiguity in parsing "atom".

     I'll leave it for someone else to respond to your first point.


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