Clarification needed: anySimpleType

The question is 80% academic since anySimpleType can't be derived and 
thus no facets can be applied on this type, but I am wondering how you 
define a "union of value spaces" in:

[Definition:]   There exists a conceptual datatype, whose name is 
anySimpleType, that is the simple version of the ur-type definition from 
[XML Schema Part 1: Structures]. anySimpleType can be considered as the 
·base type· of all ·primitive· types. The ·value space· of anySimpleType 
can be considered to be the ·union· of the ·value space·s of all 
·primitive· datatypes.

More generaly speaking I think that anySimpleType is under defined since 
you don't say anything (unless I have missed it) about its properties 
and canonical form which are usually associated with the value space in 
the primitive types definitions.

I am wondering, for instance what an API or PSVI exposing the canonical 
forms and properties could tell about a type defined as "anySimpleType".


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Received on Thursday, 17 January 2002 12:01:36 UTC