Re: Does any moderate this mailing list !!!


         There is so much JUNK and really BAD stuff going to this list that 
I feel that many may not want to take it very seriously or even look at the 
good stuff that makes it to the list.  Every morning I have to delete many 
SPAM messages form my XML Comments filtered mail box.  It is more than 
troublesome I have also had virus issues arise form this list.

         This list is an important tool need to make XML Schema successful, 
so I am troubled by all the uncontrolled SPAM that is taking up most of the 
entries to this list.  I really think we need to address this issue.  It 
can be left opened, but then we need to filter out the SPAM before it is 
sent out to be members of the list.  Yes it is work, but if we don't do 
something it may become a useless tool in our efforts in making XML Schema 


At 10:05 AM 1/8/2002 +0000, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
> writes:
> > Does anybody moderate this mailing list !!!
>Sorry, it's a public list, as a matter of W3C policy (anyone should be
>able to comment on our Recommendations), and we don't have the human
>resources to moderate all our public lists.
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