RE: Issues with Annotations and the Schema Component

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> Subject:	Issues with Annotations and the Schema Component
> Since the schema component represents all the components that
> exist (with some bound) and so has no target namespace, what
> then is the target namespace of an annotation contained in the
> schema component?  It would seem that this target namespace
> is very important to making the annotation useable at all.
Annotation schema components do not have a target namespace property, so I'm
not sure what you're question is really asking.  Can you be more specific?

> It addition, it seems the annotations of any imported or
> included schema would be lost as the {annotations} property
> for the schema component is defined as the 'annotation' elements
> in the "children" and not those in the imported or included
> schemas documents as well.
I think the implication (intention?) is that all children of the
imported/included schema documents become children of the
importing/including schema.  However, you are probably correct that a strict
reading excludes them...I say this because of the wording used for the other
schema-level properties; e.g., {type definitions} says "The simple and
complex type definitions corresponding to all the <simpleType> and
<complexType> element information items in the [children], if any, plus any
included or imported definitions".

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