Fixed property in length facet is redundant

I'm writing own XML Schema part 2 Datatypes validator. But I'm confused 
because of "length" facet.

It's got a property "fixed". In REC it is said:

If <>{fixed} is true, then 
types for which the current type is the 
<>{base type definition} 
cannot specify a value for 
<>length other than 

But then one constraint says:
Schema Component Constraint: length valid restriction
It is an 
if <>length is among the members 
of <>{facets} of 
<>{base type definition} and 
<>{value} is not equal to the 
<>{value} of the parent 

It seems like redundance? Or is there any difference?

    Thanks, Tobbi

Received on Wednesday, 15 May 2002 02:39:42 UTC