pls give URI-names to schema components, derived datatypes

It's quite useful that XML Schema primitive datatypes
have URI-names.

For any revision of XML Schema, please specify
a mapping of all names (component names,
datatype names, etc.) into URI space.

i.e. since...

" We don't believe we have a good long term solution."

Please reconsider issue ids-not-names.

This rationale was acceptable for 1.0...

"We declined to adopt the final part of your request, per (3) above,
because the impact on usability in the context of a design with six
nameable but clearly distinct kinds of components (type definitions,
element declarations, attribute declarations, attribute group
definitions, model group definitions, notation declarations) of
forbidding name collisions between these different kinds of things
would be too great.  In particular, it would have directly
contradicted the requirement that we reconstruct the facilities of
DTDs insofar as possible."
	-- WG response on LC121

but the fact that important XML Schema things don't have URI
names continues to cause problems deploying a consistent
architecture. cf

  * URIs for terms: motivation [was: Requirements Document]
  Dan Connolly (Fri, Feb 08 2002)

Collapsing all six kinds of names into one would be acceptable
to me... attributes would get a sort of second-class treatment,
but that seems reasonable.

Sorry if I'm not being completely clear. Let me know if you
need more.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Tuesday, 16 April 2002 11:05:14 UTC