Treatment of ^ in regexes

Appendix F says: "All XML characters are valid character ranges, except as
The ^ character is only valid at the beginning of a Ěpositive character
groupĚ if it is part of a Ěnegative character groupĚ; ...".  However, the
EBNF doesn't seem consistent with this. Consider


This is ambiguous wrt the EBNF, since "^" is an XmlCharIncDash and thus a
charRange: according to the EBNF it could be a powCharGroup containing "^"
and "X" or a negCharGroup containing "X".  Consider also


According to the EBNF, this is unambiguously a posCharGroup containing "^",
but this is inconsistent with the prose.

There are similar problems with "-", but I understand the WG is already
aware of these.  I would suggest you need to resolve the issues with "-" and
"^" consistently.


Received on Thursday, 4 April 2002 23:26:10 UTC