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RE: content= and model=

From: Hewko, Doug <Doug.Hewko@ccra-adrc.gc.ca>
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 09:02:05 -0400
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Thanks for the reply.

Do you recommend I just skim the chapters on schemas just so I get some
background, or should I still use it as learning foundation, or should I
skip those chapters all-together? I'm surprised that the standands have
changed so quickly; the book was published in 2000 and I'm the first person
at my work library to borrow the book. 

Is Roger Costello's schema tutorials at www.xfront.com still the best, or is
there another tutorial site you would recommend? 

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> "Hewko, Doug" <Doug.Hewko@ccra-adrc.gc.ca> writes:
> > I'm just starting to learn schemas, and the tutorial book I 
> have gives the
> > following syntax for a container element:
> > 
> >  <ElementType name="containcerelementname" 
> content="eltOnly" model="closed">
> > <element type="containedelementname"/> <element
> > type="containedelementname2"/> <element 
> type="containedelementnamen"/>
> > </ElementType>
> > 
> > I checked Roger Costello's schema tutorials at 
www.xfront.com and the W3 Org
> specs and could find no reference to these attributes. Since I got this
> example from a book that exclusively uses MSXML, I checked Microsoft's web
> site, where I kept on timing out. (I did a search for "eltOnly", "closed",
> "content=" and "model=" all without luck.)
> Can someone please point me to where I can find out what those attributes
> mean and what other attributes are available? For example, since there is
> 'model="closed"', I can only assume there must be a 'model="open"'.

Your tutorial book is for an old XML Schema language called XML-Data
Reduced, formerly supported by Microsoft.  It is similar in
conception, but different in detail, from the W3C XML Schema

I'm afraid you'll have to find a new book :-)

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